Guides to being a Tweeting Teacher

twitter-classroom[1]There are a few useful guides on how to make good use of Twitter as a teacher which might be useful…

There are different opinions about whether to set up a “professional Twitter account” separate to a “personal Twitter account”, or whether to have one account for both. As a school we don’t have a set policy on this and different people make different decisions.

Whether you have one account or two accounts, it’s important to remember what your persona on Twitter is. For example, on a class Twitter account remember you are tweeting as a collective with the voice of the class; whereas on an individual (professional/personal/combined) account you are tweeting as an individual with your own voice. Confusing the two is too common and can get confusing for you, as well as your followers!

School & Class Twitter Accounts

high-school-tweet[1]Often useful to see who else is out there to follow, link up with and start conversations between your classes. A couple of lists on Twitter from Dughall (an educational consultant) are at:

A quick search for “class” within the people section of Twitter also gives you a longer, less well managed list but I’m sure you could pick up some others from here: