Reminder: How to embed something in your blog

embed_hero_icon_220_128[1]Embedding is the best way of keeping visitors on your site (without them having to click to go somewhere else), and it gives your blog a really vibrant feel to have lots of different things going on!

Many of the online resources we use (YouTube, PhotoPeach, Padlet, etc.) have easy ’embed’ functions within them to make this quite a quick process. Once you’ve done it on one site, it’s not too bad to find your way round another one.

Finding the ’embed’ link on a resource site

  • The link will usually either be simply called “embed”, “embed within your blog” or is sometimes in the “share” options such as below a YouTube video.
  • You will be given some HTML code which will probably start something like “<iframe=….”
  • Select all of this code (make sure it’s all blue without missing anything at the beginning/end), right click and select copy

Embedding the resource into your blog

  • Within a post on your blog, change from “Visual” to “Text” towards the top-right of your writing window
  • Right click where you want the resource and select paste
  • (If you click “Visual” again it will just show you a grey box – don’t panic! When you publish/preview this it will display properly.)

That’s it!