1-2-3 Comments

comment_structure[1]Bringing an audience to your class blog can be a hard task! There are however many ways to help make this a little easier that we have or will be discussing. Knowing that people are visiting their class blog is one of the biggest motivating factors for your pupils. A small percentage of these visitors to your class blog will decide to leave your class or an individual a comment. When this happens, spend time celebrating it! A skill certainly worth teaching at the beginning of their blogging journey is the skill of leaving a great comment. There’s quite a lot out there to support you, but here’s a great blog post by Mrs Yollis and her class on this very subject:

Miss Yollis’ Blog Post on Quality Comments

There are three key elements of a quality comment:

1. Saying something positive – By opening with a positive you are engaging the author
2. Ask a question – This will probably result in a reply
3. Suggest an improvement – Not rocket science but using language like “This could be even better if…”

If the pupils follow these simple steps, they will begin to give and receive quality comments that not only make them feel epic, but will also move them forward in their learning.

Credit: David Mitchell