Evidencing subject learning using blogs

A brainwave that we had this week is about using tags on our blogs to evidence learning in different subjects. Through a quick click, you can then find all blog posts across all class blogs relating to your subject. This should help with subject coordinator monitoring, evidencing, etc.

If you go to http://manorprimary.net/ you will now see a “Global Site Tags” box at the bottom on the right hand column. These show the 100 (the maximum) most popular tags across all class blogs. You’ll see that some classes are urged to tag more than others!

If you click on any of these tags it will show you all posts from all class blogs with that tag. A few of examples are

If each class blog aims for children to add something related to a particular foundation subject when it’s appropriate then we will begin to build up a really easily accessible bank of evidence to help us all.

The tags aren’t case-sensitive (pe is the same as PE) but they will distinguish between PE and P.E., etc. As such I’d suggest keeping things as simple as possible: Art, Computing, DT, English, French, Geography, Maths, Music, PE, PSHE, RE, Science.

Tags are really easy to add while you’re blogging and can be done by adults or children. On the right hand side when you’re writing a new post, you just type in tag name and click add. Once they become more common on that blog, they will appear beneath the box to click.



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