Using current affairs as a stimulus

Each week we get a stack of copies of First News newspapers delivered to school. One of the features in it is a weekly Poll on a different topic in the news.

Miss James, teacher of year 5 children in Magpie Class, has found that these discussion areas have really engaged her children. She said:

Some children in my class were reluctant to write for other prompts before. We’ve found that by using something real to them, which they can relate to, and has been in the news, that they see much more of a purpose to writing now.

When they come into school in the morning, we often hear children carrying on conversations about who said what on the blog debate and using it as a way to share their ideas and views on the world. It’s really inspiring to see this from children who previously weren’t that motivated about writing!

The blog debates so far are below. You can see that engagement (by numbers of comments) has increased steadily as more and more children are getting engaged.


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