Children taking responsibility for blogging

magpie41489[1]This morning I was talking to Miss James, teacher of the wonderful Year 5 Magpie Class, about how some of her children have been using their class blog.

She was explaining how some of her children have been really motivated by a few aspects of blogging…


Writing for an audience and for a purpose

Rather than only ever writing for the “audience of one“, Miss James has found that more and more of her children have thrown themselves into blogging because of writing for a real audience. This has made a difference to their attitudes towards learning, and particularly writing.

The children have been able to combine blogging to support their learning rather than being a separate activity. For example as a class they’ve been looking at the concept of ‘fame’, different famous people through time, and used their class blog to share their knowledge and thoughts with the world.


Attention to detail

with-great-power-comes-great-responsibility-spider-man[1]For one or two children, Miss James has used the blog as a tool to support them focusing on syntax details like capital letters, spelling and punctuation. These children have been responsible for checking blog posts and comments alongside Miss James before they approve them together. She can see how the additional responsibility of “checking” other people’s writing has helped them to take greater responsibility for these areas of details in their own writing.

After a bit more practice and support, we could well be looking at children taking “author” level responsibility for publishing their own posts and comments directly. Of course as Spiderman knows, with great power comes great responsibility!

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