Planning to blog

shutterstock_131767742[1]Blogging can happen in lots of different ways depending on what works best for your children. The emphasis is to improve children’s attitudes towards learning and their attainment in writing.

There will be a sliding scale of adult-pupil balance moving through the school. For example in the Early Years, blogging will be adult-led with input from children. By Year 6 the children will be leading their blogging with adult support.

An example of how we could plan blogging into a weekly timetable is available here: How can I plan for blogging to improve my class

Blogging does not mean 30 children sat in front of computers typing something up something ‘in best’! It should be a helpful tool to use in the learning process, for example:

  • Intervention group of reluctant writers to use technology & a global audience as a hook
  • Research group task to find information and paraphrase into their own words what they have learned
  • Younger children write for older children to leave them constructive feedback to improve (see 1-2-3 comments)
  • Writing a draft version on the blog for other children to comment on for improvements (see 1-2-3 comments)
  • Blog a version of a specific text genre (e.g. journalistic, non-chronological report, poem, etc.) then tweet to experts in the field (e.g. Newsround journalists, encyclopedia authors, poets, etc.) for their comments
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